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Spotting Spring in Maine takes some practice

Spring in Maine is sneaky and sly.

Spring never saunters into Maine like I imagine it does in other places, adorning all the spare edges with fresh greenery and daffodils. No, we take a more original approach up here in the wild and woody north.

In Maine, Spring ignores whatever arbitrary date the calendar has set and bashes around March and April with its own unconventional, but unmistakable signs. While we moan and groan and wonder if Spring will ever come, she’s been there all along, pushing her way, slowly and steadily, in her own good time.

In Maine, we don’t like going with the flow. We do our own thing. And spring is no exception.

Signs of Spring in Maine

  1. Below zero weather has (mostly) disappeared from the forecast.
  2. That 20-point turn you needed to get out of your driveway a month ago? Good news! It’s melted into at least a 4-point turn.
  3. It snows and rains and then snows some more.

    One sure sign of spring: collecting sap for maple syrup. What you collect it in, a minor issue.
  4. Our own version of green and yellow sprouts, but in the grocery store: the ever-famous Houlton Farms Dairy lemonade.
  5. Everyone starts tracking in the mud with their snow.
  6. All that sticky, sweet stuff comes dripping from the trees.
  7. The frost heaves emerge from their winter hibernation and a simple trip to town becomes a high-flying good time.
  8. Everyone goes to the dairy bar, gets ice cream and sits in their car with the heater going full blast while they slurp down the best ice cream around.
  9. When the temperature hikes itself about 35  degrees, we all immediately start talking about how warm it is.
  10. When the temperature gets above 40 degrees, watch out. It doesn’t take long for everybody to start trading their Bean boots for flip flops.

Can you think of more signs of Spring in Maine?

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